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We have been buying, refurbishing and selling property in and around Nottingham for the last 10 years, firstly using our own funds and then later bringing on board investors to enable us to move onto bigger projects.

The past decade in this industry has provided us with a wealth of knowledge around how a property refurbishment is structured and the best way to increase the value of a property in the most productive and efficient way possible.

We take great pride in how our properties are presented and whilst we are always responsible & realistic with our renovating budget, our quality is never compromised.
Our end goal is to provide attractive properties, in desirable locations whilst ensuring both ourselves and our investors receive a mutually beneficial return on time and money invested.

Oakley Drive, Long Whatton

Paid – £205,000

Refurb – £24,000

Net Profit – £26,000

Refurb Duration – 3 months

Nottingham Road, Kegworth

Paid – £220,000

Refurb – £10,000

Net Profit – £35,000

Refurb Duration – 4 months

Ella Road, West Bridgford

Paid – £187,500

Refurb – £42,000

Net Profit – £56,000

Refurb Duration – 8 months

Gordon Road, West Bridgford

Paid – £219,320

Refurb – £44,000

Net Profit – £71,680

Refurb Duration – 7 months

The top 3 reasons to invest in Nottingham

We are constantly on the lookout for new projects and in turn new investors on a daily basis, if you have any amount of capital sat in a low interest account and you want to earn a much healthier return from your money, please feel free to get in contact with us about our upcoming projects that you can get involved with. Whether you have £10,000 or £200,000+ to invest, we consider all investment levels.

Any investment amount will be secured as a first or second charge on the property we are refurbishing, we cover the costs of the refurbishment and pay you, the investor an attractive return on your investment upon sale of the property (we typically pay between 8 – 10% interest to our investors).

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