Amy Cooper

Amy Cooper

Director & Founder

Since 2011, I have run a family business in the hospitality sector with my main role as events manager. .

During which time, I have learnt a huge amount in terms of running a business, managing staff, developing relationships with suppliers and customers and also learning how to manage my time well both in and outside of work (although not much time out of work in this industry!)

As much as I loved my job, I wanted to broaden my horizons and learn something new, in a sector which I have always taken a great interest in – the property market! I purchased my first buy to let property in 2016, completed a light refurbishment and it has since rented with an occupancy rate of 97% and a rental yield of 10.2%. Only a small property but a great one nonetheless. 

Next move was with my fiancé (who has a huge background in property). We started renovating properties to sell, (very successfully might I add!) all alongside our full time roles and often whilst living in them too!  

I took various property courses including property investment, buying and renovating, rental market, HMO management and also home staging (my favourite bit of renovating!). I listened to hundreds of podcasts, read numerous books (and still do!) and here we are now; running our own property business where our aim is to provide a friendly, invaluable service to investors, landlords, homeowners and tenants, for mutual benefit, in a sector we have a huge passion for.